offer - FinancePeers

Our targeted approach for Start up and SMEs

Finance functions are crucial to allowing companies to grow and develop. It also ensures that operations and transactions are conducted in a reliable, secure and efficient manner, considering regulations and tax compliance.

We grant our clients access to this ecosystem thanks to an expert team and custom-designed tools. We work with our clients to assess organization options and adapt them to their objectives.

Thanks to our dedicated innovation division, we are able to offer innovative companies a fully integrated offer that includes accounting, part-time CFO and innovation financing (JEI, R&D tax credit,…).

We support you at every stage of your development :

Phase 1 :

  • Business Plan creation and review
  • Challenging business assumptions
  • Strategy and financing plan

Phase 2 :
Legal set-up

  • Accounting
  • Admin support
  • Employment contracts and payroll activities
  • Tools selection

Phase 3 :

  • Bookeeping & Tax Compliance
  • Part-time CFO
  • Providing a collaborative management platform
  • Optimizing your Finance Organisation
  • Subventions/grants, interest-free loans, JEI ruling
  • Legal & Corporate Finance : BSA, BSPCE, OCA,…

Phase 4 :

  • Tax Compliance
  • Part-time CFO
  • Assistance with financing and support with innovation
  • Subventions/Grants
  • Bank loans
  • R&D tax credits / innovation tax credits
  • Cash flow management

Phase 5 :

  • Consolidating the accounting and FP&A team
  • Part-time CFO
  • International financing
  • Pm’Up subvention
  • Coface financing
  • Debt restructuring
  • Fund raising: Series A, LBO, Due Diligence
  • Management Package
  • Setting up processes: Procurement, Invoicing, Reporting
  • Support in transferring financial processes in-house

Our targeted approach for large groups

Developing new business, external growth, restructuring, outsourcing, inhousing, make or buy strategy, ERP transition… Companies are constantly wondering how to make their organizations as efficient as possible. The FinancePeers teams put their working methods and industry expertise to use in providing organization consulting and diagnostics.

FinancePeers also offers a multi-faceted array of solutions for all operational topics: peak activity periods, supporting teams when a member of staff leaves or to fill a gap while waiting for a new recruit, additional side-projects to be rolled out, change management following restructuring, and more.

FinancePeers’ Innovation team handles all R&D and Innovation tax credit matters.

Complex Accounting Project

  • Supporting your day-to-day accounting operations and complex financial transactions, in case of insufficient expertise and/or resource
  • Accounting assistance during reorganization project (acquisitions, mergers, spin off, divestment,…)
  • Reducing closing times
  • GAAP conversion
  • Activity mapping and CoA

Finance Information System

  • Finance IT tool diagnostics
  • Accounting assistance with accounting IT & ERP migration
  • Support with transitioning over to paperless technologies (P2P, O2C, T&E,…)

Tax compliance & R&D tax credits

  • Income tax returns, VAT and other indirect taxes
  • Financial statements according to French regulation
  • Preparing files and paperwork for tax audits
  • Documentation on specific tax issues
  • R&D and innovation tax credit applications and follow-up

Financial Compliance & Control

  • Account reconciliation process
  • Audit & Remediation plan
  • Segregation of duty
  • Risk Matrix
  • Internal audit documentation (SOP, work instruction,..)

Cash Management

  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Optimizing WCR
  • Reducing DSO
  • Drawing up a financing plan
  • Compliance & financial control across treasury management

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Business and strategic plans
  • Business Partnering: Reassessing sales policies, sales targets, reforecast process
  • Improving data reliability: Cost accounting, budget consistency, information sources
  • Defining and tracking financial indicators, both predictive and actual

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